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Component Code – Line

Parameter Groups – As shown below

Line2p (2 points)

Linept (point+tangent)

Qty has been chosen as 2 and onright1 parameter has been formulated to have different values for each instance.

TanCurve1 is a string parameter which needs to evaluate into a circular entity.

C1 is a circle centred at (0,0) and with a radius of 20.

Linepper (point+perpendicular)

L2p is a previously created line.

Line2t (tangent+tangent)

TanCurve1 and TanCurve2 are string parameters which need to evaluate into circular entity.

Circles Not Intersecting Case 1

Circles Not Intersecting Case 2

If two circles don’t intersect and one circle is completely constrained inside the other, no tangent is possible.

Circles Intersecting at 2 Points

Circles Intersecting at 1 Point Case 1

Circles Intersecting at 1 Point Case 2

Linetper (tangent+perpendicular)


Code – Pline

Parameters – Pointlist, Bulgelist, Closed

Pointlist is the list of points

Bulgelist is the list of bulges. If the bulgelist parameter contains less items than pointlist, bulge is automatically taken as 0 for the remaining vertices.

Closed – If closed is set to 1 the polyline is closed.


Component Code – Circle

Parameter Groups – As shown below

Circle cr (centre,radius)

Circle ct (centre, tangent)

Circle 2p (2 points)

Circle 2pr (2 points + Radius)

Circle 3p (3 points)

Circle ptr (Point tan radius)

Circle ttr (Tan tan radius)

Circle ttt (Tan tan tan)

Currently not implemented.

Ellipse (centre,majorLen,minorLen)

Component Code – Ellipse


Component Code – Arc

It is notable here that arc component is always drawn in anticlockwise direction.

Parameter Groups – As shown below

Arc 3p (3 points)

Arc 2pr (2 points + radius)

Arc 2pang (2 points + Angle)

Arc 2ptan (2 points + Tangent)

Point1 needs to be on the curve identified in tancurve1 parameter.

Arc 2ptan (2 points + Perpendicular)

Point1 needs to be on the curve identified in perpento parameter.

Arc ttr (tancurve1, tancurve2, Radius)

Arc2pc (Centre + 2 Points)

Arc pcang (Centre + Point + Angle)

Arc pclen (Centre + Point + Length)

Hatch (CurveList, Gradient, Pattern)

Component Code = Hatch

Curvelist = list of curves which define a boundary.

Any one of Gradient or Pattern should be used.

Gradient = Name of any of the built in gradients in AutoCAD

Pattern = Name of any of the built in pattern in AutoCAD


Component Code = point

Creates a point in the current component block

Used to create a reference point which can be used later in the model.

Polygon (pointlist, filletradius)


Component Code = rect

Parameter Groups = As shown below

Rectangle 2p (2 points), Rectangle plw (point + length + width)

SplineCurve (pointlist)

Component code - Spline

OffsetCurve (Ent1,Offset)

Component Code = OffsetCurve