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Design Table Structure

To define a new design table, you start off by defining the table structure in terms of columns.

Code needs to be unique identification of the table. This will be used to refer to the design table in formulas.

Table Name is the name of the table which will be displayed along with the code in the list of tables.

You can select whether you prefer to enter data in an “inverted format” with column headings on the left instead of top.

For each column, you define:

ColumnName is the name of the column – Needs to be unique and is used to refer to the column in formulas

Description – you can enter the description – will be displayed during data entry for easy hints

DataType – you can have number, string and yes/no – same description as in global parameters.

Req – Whether the column is required – Table data entry won’t allow saving without entry into a column which is marked as required.

Remark – you can enter a remark for your notes.

You can move the columns up or down. Doing so would affect the order in which columns are displayed during table data entry.