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Parametric 2D – First Class

The truth about 3D is that you still need 2D – It is an indisputable fact that while 3D is good for visualizing the geometric model, engineering and shop-floor documentation needs to be done in 2D.

3D CAD systems have had a fully developed structure in terms of part modeling and assembly modeling. Part modeling inside a 3D application allows creating reusable components using geometric and dimensional constraints. These parts are then assembled inside the assembly modeling environment using assembly constraints. This allows high reuse and systematic development of components. These part and assembly models are then controlled by parameters allowing obtaining updated models with ease.

While parametric block technology inside AutoCAD has been around since 2010, main issue has been the manageability of the same to make drawing of any meaningful size and complexity.

FormulaCAD provides the same or may be higher level of order in the 2D CAD world. It extends available technology and adds its own where necessary to create a first class parametric 2D CAD system.

At the core it consists of the following:

•Define Parameters

•Define Components

o Link parameters with AutoCAD Parametric Blocks

o Create new parametric geometry on the fly

o Add annotations

•Define a parametric assembly of components – call child components from a component.

•Input global parameters for a work order and generate new updated geometry.

In this way, FormulaCAD allows to define a modular and parametric assembly of 2D components.