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For generating you need to go the “Edit Work Order CAD Maker” option in the context menu. On the first page make sure everything is in order and all parameter values are as expected.

Click on the “CAD Maker»” button in the bottom right portion to go to the CAD Maker screen.

Tab Description
Bill of Material Displays bill of material generated in the previous run
Component Built up Displays a linear list of components generated by FormulaCAD during the previous model preparation. Blue means component is to be built up, Green means component already exists and Red means some error.
Components 3D Presents thumbnail views of the components present in component built up list

Here is the description of the buttons:

Button Description
Print Prints listing in BOM or Component Built up Tab
Prepare Tree + BOM Traverses the hierarchy of the components to make a linear list. Prepares BOM in this process. Required before Prepare Model 3D
Prepare Model 3D This will start the model preparation. Component Built up list must be present before pressing this button.FormulaCAD will being processing and a new assembly file will be created in Inventor. You can go to the components 3D window to see the component build up progress. FormulaCAD will display thumbnails of components as they get ready.